Basics of Clip in Hair Extensions

Understanding the Basics of Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions is a technique or a form of adding hair that was not originally yours. It is added into your natural hair. Currently, there are numerous methods used in adding these hair clips, for instance, they include stand by stand, braiding, weaving, and bonding. However, some of the above named methods are best done by trained hair experts, whereas others are easy and thus anyone can perform them at home.

The above hair technique got numerous benefits since it can be washed and styled, which makes them a flexible way of attaining a new appearance. Hairpieces and hair extensions can be found in numerous modes such as curly and even wavy types. Moreover, there versatility is seen in their availability in various textures, lengths, and even sleek or long strait types. Due to their vast versatility, celebs have been donning them extensively lately. This has spurred a notable change in the hair accessory market where clip in hair extensions has gained much popularity among women.

Today, it is possible to spot a lady of any age who has these extensions around the globe. This has been possible because the extension offers great flexibility on how these women look every morning. One of the remarkable versatility is clip attached on ponytail that is very easy and simple to fix on an individual hair pulled-back in a loop. The other great benefit of clip in hair extensions is that they are found in cheap synthetic. Besides being found in inexpensive synthetic forms, these hair extensions can be found also as human hair, which like other hair extensions are fully washable.

Clip in hair extensions are an ideal way to achieve different hair style every morning irrespective of whether you visit a salon for professional services or attaching it on yourself at home. They cover a wide range of applications and techniques. Thus, if you wish to experience a modern look without having to damage your hair with dyes and chemicals, then attach a hair clip in color stripes. When you don hair clip in color streaks, you positively achieve a fun appearance ostensibly temporarily and you can always revert to your typical style the next day.

Individuals who wish to leave a lasting impression can try various clips in hair extensions where you can wear long hair during the day. While at night or evening hours you can try short clip in hair extensions but ensure to add lowlights or highlights. Moreover, you can add some waves or curls-to be frank, the possibilities are endless. Thus, you do not have any excuse for not attending that party looking great, just watch the trends the celebs are following and copy it as your own.

Prior to fitting your clip in hair extensions, an individual need to straighten their hair. This way you shall obtain a more natural unification of both the hair extension and your hair. However, you shall need to practice closing and opening the snap clips of the hair extension. Use both index fingers and thumbs, and apply hard pressure to clip ends. However, leave each clip open so that it can be fitted well into the natural hair.

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Choosing Hair Extensions


Hair extension is a common practice among people. This is aimed at changing their hair appearance. It’s done through sewing, braiding or gluing into their own scalp or hair to add length and achieve a different look e.g. color without necessarily having to tamper with their natural hair through other means like dyeing. Most of these hair extension methods are painless and also depends ones taste, skin complexion and other factors since hair extension is aimed at improving the appearance. While some hair extensions last longer, some last for a short time, this actually, depends with the method used to do the extension.


Hair extensions can be washed and styled everyday like the normal natural hair while some extensions cannot. A good and great hair extension, you can almost conclude is costly since human hair is the best hair for extensions and in addition, best qualities are packed and most complex hairstyles require several packs which may be costly to get and besides, hairdressers charge a lot to do different styles, these costs vary depending on the extent of their complexity. But there are some beauticians out there who give great deals and they can do the styles cheaply.

Given that hair extensions have gained popularity there are some things that one is supposed to know about hair extensions. First, it’s important for one to seek professional help. This will improve one’s hair extension since professionals will help make sure that one has the right type of hair extension considering factors like length, texture and color. There are a variety of hair extensions; this gives one a vast of styles and types to choose from, one can now easily blend several colors and end up with a great and crazy look.

Secondly, one should get good quality of the hair extensions. It’s advised to go for natural human hair extension and have it modified, styled and shaped for you. It’s not advised for one to just take the weave outside the pack and just put it on, that won’t make the extension look natural and authentic. Also, one is advised to treat the hair just for precaution, can be done by applying natural hair oils or any of their favorite products to prevent hair from drying up and giving it a smooth texture and great look.

You may want to know where these hair extensions come from; well, most human hair comes from Asian and other European countries where women sell off their hair to hair companies to earn a living, they are processed and conditioned before being shipped to the market, other hair extension are synthetic, made from nylon, rayon, acetate, polyester or acrylic, they are relatively cheaper with comparison to human hair and can easily be accessed in beauty shops. One should consider some factors when buying these synthetic hair extensions e.g. quality and durability, for example resistance to heat.

The different hair extensions have their pros and cons, this should guide one in choosing the right hair extension, visiting salons can be costly especially household names that are visited by bigwigs like celebrities, hair needs special, unique treatment and buying products like oils could prove costly, it also takes a lot of time to maintain the hair however, you get to see a different you with a new hairstyle extension, it’s easy to change hairstyles e.g. long and short hairstyles, the extensions are easy to remove e.g. the clip in styles, human bonded hair comes with a more permanent look.

Hair extension looks realistic just like natural hair when correctly done and maintained and can be a great deal for a great appearance.